The IU Center for Global Health Equity develops mutually beneficial partnerships across disciplines, schools and countries for the primary purpose of creating and implementing sustainable programs that improve health and human flourishing in underserved areas worldwide, and preparing a critical mass of health education and health research experts in these communities to become the next generation of local, national and global health leaders.


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Career Opportunities

Indiana University School of Medicine is seeking leaders to advance the care, training and research missions at AMPATH Kenya. If you are a physician with a passion for working with colleagues to build healthcare systems and train the next generation of healers, please consider this opportunity:

AMPATH Kenya Associate Site Director-Hematology/Oncology

The primary goal of the associate site director (hematology-oncology) position is to increase the impactful clinical and translational research capacity in Kenya, and to expand the field of global oncology among North American trainees. Job responsibilities of the AMPATH associate site director (hematology-oncology) include leading the growth of global research and education advancing screening, prevention, and treatment of cancer, including palliative care. It is expected that the team leader will successfully compete for extramural funding within 1-2 years and publish his/her work with an emphasis on bidirectional innovation (i.e. work will advance health equities in Kenya and around the world). Whereas the focus of the associate site director is on research and/or education (including the development and coordination of curricula and the coordination electives for post-graduate trainees), it is expected that he/she will also take part in limited clinical activities. These include assisting the supervision of resident/student oncology consult service at MTRH and attending in at least one weekly outpatient clinic for patients with cancer or blood diseases.

The associate site director will join a team of North American health professionals who work alongside their Kenyan counterparts at Moi University and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. Current team members include senior, mid-level and junior faculty clinicians in multiple disciplines who serve long-term (one year or more) in Kenya, clinical and implementation science researchers, and multiple short-term volunteers. From time to time, associate site directors may provide temporary back-up for the executive field director.

Support for Racial Equity

At the IU Center for Global Health Equity, our mission is to improve health and human flourishing in underserved areas worldwide.

This does not and cannot mean that we focus only on inequities between high and low-income countries, but also on the inequities that exist in our own country, the state of Indiana and our own neighborhoods. Too often, where an individual is born or their ethnic heritage determines their opportunities, health status and life expectancy. Social, economic and health equity is a key value of our Center, not only as we look outward to the global community, but also as we look inward to our own country, state and community.

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